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Estilo Musical: Dance Pop
Álbum: Single
Duração: 3:46
Produtor: soFLY & Nius
Editora: Universal Republic

Video da Música Finally Found You

Amostra Da Letra
You know I’m gon’ getcha
Whatever it takes to get there
No I won’t drop you
Like everybody else does

Forget about your friends they don’t care where we go
If they do we’ll get lost in a crowd of people
I’ve been looking for you forever baby we go
Together baby we go, we go

In this crazy world the choices I’ve only got a few
Either you’re coming with me, or I’m coming with you
Cause I finally found, I finally found you
You’ll never have to worry if what I say is true
Girl I been looking for you
And when I saw you I knew
That I finally found, I finally found you

I’m comin’ to getcha
We have a connection, that’s right
Cause girl I’m not letting go
I’m gonna make you feel right, oh yeah

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Estilo Músical: Dance Pop

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