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Estilo Musical: Dance Pop
Álbum: Love?
Duração: 3:50
Produtor: RedOne
Editora: Island

Video da Música On The Floor

Amostra Da Letra
You have the sound, man
It’s a new generation
Mr. Worldwide
Party people
Get on the floor, darling
Get on the floor
Let me introduce you
To my party people
In the club

I’m loose
And everybody knows I get off the train
Baby it’s the truth
I’m like inception I play with your brain
So I don’t sleep I snooze
I don’t play no games so don’t get it confused, no
Cos you will lose, yeah
Now pump it up
And back it up like a Tonka truck, darling

If you’re going hard you gotta get on the floor
If you’re a party freak you better step on the floor
If you’re an animal then tear up the floor
Break a sweat on the floor
Yeah, we work on the floor

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Estilo Músical: Dance Pop

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